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Фразовый глагол недели: to go along with

1) сопровождать кого/что-либо; сопровождаться чем-либо;
2) соглашаться с кем/чем-либо, поддерживать кого/что-либо.

Синонимы: to accompany, to acquiesce, to act jointly, to assent, to concur

Происхождение: Первое употребление фразового глагола to go along with было зафиксировано в 1535 году.

Пример: Forgiveness does not always lead to a healed relationship. Some people are not capable of love, and it might be wise to let them go along with your anger. Wish them well, and let them go their way. (Real Live Preacher)

The poet, the artist, the sleuth - whoever sharpens our perception tends to be antisocial... he cannot go along with currents and trends. (Alfred North Whitehead)

Проверьте себя:

Amanda has to go along with whatever her husband says because she doesn't like

  1. agreeing with him
  2. going with anyone else
  3. arguing with him

P.S. Правильный ответ на наш предыдущий тест - вариант B.

Английский фразовый глагол to go along with

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